Wednesday, September 30, 2015: The Paradox of German Power and the Future of Transatlantic Relations

German Power in Europe

Hans Kudnani, Senior Transatlatic Fellow of the German Marshall Fund will discuss Germany's status as a European power and its policy with the United States.







Germany has changed a great deal in the last 25 years since reunification.  Nevertheless, Germany’s pre-1945 history is relevant to the current situation in Europe.  Since the beginning of the Euro crisis, it has become increasingly clear that reunification in 1990 re-opened the “German question.” But although many perceive a “German Europe” emerging from the crisis, Germany is not, and cannot be, a European hegemon.  Rather, it has reverted to something like the position of “semi-hegemony” it occupied between 1871 and 1945—except this time in geo-economic rather than geopolitical form.  Mr. Kundnani will address what Germany’s new role in Europe means for relations with the United States and the future of the transatlantic relationship.

Hans Kundnani is a senior transatlantic fellow with GMF’s Europe program, based in Berlin. He previously worked as the research director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, where he worked for five years. He is also an associate fellow at the Institute for German Studies at Birmingham University.

His research focuses on German power within Europe, German foreign policy, European integration and disintegration, European foreign policy, and relations between Europe and Asia. He is the author of two books, Utopia or Auschwitz. Germany’s 1968 Generation and the Holocaust (2009) and The Paradox of German Power (2014). His articles and papers have been published in journals such as Foreign Affairs, the Washington Quarterly and Internationale Politik and newspapers such as the Financial Times, Le Monde and Die Zeit.

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